Frustration Happens… [Daily Game]

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I spent part of my afternoon Monday doing a screencast. That’s when your screen activity is being recorded, along with your voice. I was explaining some work to someone who’s going to be working for me. I was explaining everything and talking a lot; my mouth was dry when I finished. My explanations were thorough though. The whole screencast + explanation demo was 48 minutes long.

I went to export it and the damn thing wouldn’t export. I dug around online and found a way to get it exported (any can google; knowing what to search for is the key). Then I found that the video froze at the 10-minute mark.


It was time to eat. I enjoyed my meal while fighting the crewing frustration with what the hell had just happened. I just couldn’t find any silver lining to that 48 minutes. The audio had recorded, but you couldn’t see any of the stuff I’d talked about. WTF.

The ending is, I recorded another one, shorter this time, referring back to the first screencast / audiocast as a reference. The person I’m sending i to is smart; she’ll get it.

For Your Game

  1. Shit — frustrating shit — happens to all of us. What differentiates is how long you let it affect you before you’ve moved on. Prepare your mind with Bulletproof Mindset
  2. Check that your equipment is working properly before you do all the work.
  3. Your second draft is usually better than the first anyway.

When was your last genuinely frustrating moment? How’d you handle it? Reply and let me know.