Why only 2% of People Ever Feel Frustration Over Their Work…

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I won the genetic lottery by growing to 6’4”, and leveraged that by playing basketball for a living.

I graduated college just as the Internet was maturing and social media was being conceived. Perfect timing for my skill set. 

There have been a whole slew of lucky breaks that aligned things to work in my favor. 

Yet, I still sometimes feel the frustration of not being further along. 

The feeling that I could use more time in a day. 

Or more arms attached to my torso. 

Or more people, people who know what they’re doing, working with me. 

These thoughts sometimes dominate a portion of my day. 

Maybe you can relate. 

Why only 2% of People Ever Feel Frustration Over Their Work... Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com

If you think about it, compared to the general population of the world, YOU are doing AMAZING. 

You have internet access. 

A smart phone. 

Two or three other “connected” devices, probably. 

Running water. 

A place to lay your head at night. 

Fully functioning bathrooms— did you know that more than HALF the world doesn’t even have that? 

If you really thought about it, life is pretty good. 

Yet, there’s that frustration… 

… Of knowing that you have skills that haven’t gotten their just due. 

… Of seeing people who aren’t much better than you getting rewards that you should have gotten first. 

… Of believing that you are too good / too old / too gifted to only be “here” in life compared to where you think you could be. 

This is the plight of the 2%. 

You see, 98% of people are not ambitious. 

This 98% aren’t trying to be homeless, starving failures — they just want to get to a doing-well-enough position in life and stay there, content with maintaining the status quo.  

You’re in the group that wants to go further and is willing to go harder to get there. 

Which means you’ll spend a lot of time NOT there — and wherever “there” is, it’s always farther in front of you. You always have more work to do. 

Often, this feeling is exciting and motivating. But every now and then it gets frustrating. 

It should get frustrating. That’s what you signed up for when you joined the 2%. 

I don’t want to end this message with a happy ending. Just a reminder that this is what you asked for. 

Embrace it. 

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-Dre Baldwin