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Since I have made myself, through this site and various social media outlets, so accessible, I receive a lot of messages from people, which I love. I hear from all corners of the globe, all ages and on all topics from motivation to wheelchair basketball to coaching to website building to the finer points of the crossover dribble. The majority of what is sent to me comes in the form of a question, followed by people thanking me for sharing what I have shared thus far. I am appreciative of both. Another category that has slowly gained steam is of the “great idea” variety. It goes something like this:

“Hey Dre, I’m ___________. I follow and like your _________. I was thinking, if you were to _________________________, that would be a great idea for your next Facebook wall post/blog entry/YouTube video/Instagram photo. Let me know what you think.”

fuck your great idea dre baldwin dreallday.comI read every piece of mail I get (and every tweet, FB massage, comment, etc). And, as I said, I like getting these messages — I never know what may spark the thoughts for my next venture. The basis of Hoop Handbook was created off a basic idea shared with me by a YouTube commentator, actually. But, to my point, my general feeling when someone has a good idea to pass on to me is as follows:

Fuck your great idea.

This very website was one of my great ideas. I am not the only person with my name in the world — there are plenty Dres who would make good use of this domain name and/or my Twitter handle. And, if “DreAllDay” had been an OK idea, I would’ve passed it on to someone else. Putting all of my workouts on video and sharing them with the world was another great idea I had, and I did with this idea what I do with all of my great ideas: Made a note of it immediately (I don’t trust my memory with my great ideas), then thought of how-to, then took action to implement my great idea and make it a reality. This is what people do with their great ideas.

No one gives away their great ideas for free. If your idea is truly great, you’d be figuring how you can do something with it.

The next time someone throws an idea at you, understand that it’s off the “throw-away” pile. Everyone’s best idea are kept close to the vest, until that idea either flames out (due to lack of useful actions taken or bad memory) or becomes something tangible. If your great idea is for someone else to do, it couldn’t possibly be that great (unless you’re selling it to them).

The next time you come up with a great idea you can’t or won’t do anything with, toss it in the garbage. Most of us have no use for that form of hand-me-down.

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