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Full Cooperation dre baldwin dreallday.comHave you ever worked with someone who just  went along with everything you did? They agreed with your opinions and made you job easy (that is, as long as your ideas worked out).

They believed what you believed. Did what you asked of them. Sometimes it seemed they were reading your mind when they would do something you’d been thinking but handing even said. They were even completing your sentences.

Oh, this has never happened to you?

Bad News: I’m sorry you haven’t had the pleasure of this experience.

Good News: Actually I’m not sorry — you are experiencing it! The universe, the energy of Infinite Intelligence (read some Napoleon Hill) is always fully cooperating with your expectations, energies and visions.

You agree, I know. Just look in the mirror, at your friends, environments and words/thoughts. Perfect agreement.

BUT DRE, you say, I’ve made changes! I’m reading more, listening to speakers, watching you on Periscope, replacing losers with winners — and STILL have the same stuff as I had before! 

Yeah, that happens. It’s like cleaning out clogged pipes. You run some clean water through the pipes to get the junk out, but the water has to run for awhile to actually get to it.

This could take awhile. Eventually, clean water runs. But it ain’t immediate.

So if you’re doing the right stuff after a period of wrong stuff, understand: that wrong stuff doesn’t just disappear. It has to go through its process. Then the clean water runs.

Just keep the faucet running. And pay your water bill.

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