Free Your Time, Create Consistent Passive Income and Raise Your Prices

The Game Raising Your Value Dre Baldwin

You started a business to create Freedom...

  • Yet you're doing a whole lot of other stuff that have nothing to do the things you love.

Normal Price: $97

Launch Price [Thru June 10]: $27

Module #1

Stop doing all The work Yourself!

Module #2

Delegation 101

Module #3

Codifying your knowledge  

Module #4

Raise your prices

The Fastest Way To get back to doing what you love

That's why you started your business in the first place, right? Let's get you out of the rat race of doing everything yourself, not having enough time, losing out on the money you could be making in your sleep, and ELIMINATE the problem of low-quality clients and customers. 

What You'll Learn in this 4-Part Course:


stop doing all the work yourself!

This is the syndrome that leads to the burnout that many entrepreneurs and freelancers suffer from. You don't have to do it all -- learn why and how here. 


Codifying your knowledge 

The key to freeing your time while STILL earning revenue. If you're a knowledge entrepreneur, here is where your attention should be. 


Delegation 101

There are other people who can take on many of the tasks in your business -- as long as you have a process for them to follow and you know how to train them. 


Raising your prices

This is always more of an emotional challenge than a technical one. You will get your mind right around pricing and your value in this module. 

What Others Are Saying:

Bob Burg Author/Entreprenuer

Much gratitude!

Dre, please know how deeply honored I am by your kind post about John David Mann's and my book! WOW! Much gratitude!

Tania Jeyda Entreprenuer

Constantly turning down clients because there simply are too many! I cannot thank you enough for being as real as possible.

Hi Dre! Will post this publicly but I also really wanted to tell you directly.

It’s been exactly one year since I’d been listening to your podcasts. It started when I was on my way to my miserable job at a horrible architecture company. A team of 45 architects and 2 interior designers including myself. They had us working 14 hour days with no paid overtime, it was exhausting and completely upsetting to think this was all my industry could be. One fed up morning, I couldn’t stomach going to work, in need of some motivation I somehow stumbled upon your podcast and everything changed from then on. I went in every morning charged and motivated. Still hated my job entirely but it pushed me to have bigger ambition and a ‘no excuses’ attitude which has really became apart of the way I organically operate today.

You helped me realise my potential, my talent, what drives me. Taught me to fuck the excuses, opinions and the norm. One ballsy day I left that job, and started my own business. Immediately I was petrified of what I had just done. “How will I get clients? This isn’t going to work... what were you thinking???” But I stuck to it, stayed brave and worked on marketing.

3 months into my business opening and I am constantly turning down clients because there simply are too many! I wake up driven, excited and charged every single day. I cannot thank you enough for being as real as possible.

It’s weird to think you’ve been a big part of my day for a year and you have no idea who I am 😂 Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing.

John Madson​​ Financial Adviser, Business Owner

I would sometimes let [lack of] self-confidence get in my way...

I would sometimes let [lack of] self-confidence get in my way... Dre helped me get my mind right and become the person who I wanted to be. I highly recomend Dre for anyone who wants to to get on the path of getting your mind right and achieving the things that you really want to do.

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