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Get A Second Opinion - Dre BaldwinMy friend Dawnna likes to say, you can’t see yourself in the mirror. It’s a great metaphor since all humans have a strong bias when it comes to assessing ourselves. This works both positively and negatively for people.

You may think, for example, that you look great in a certain outfit or that the joke you’re planning to tell is hilarious. And you find out, without anyone else’s input, that you were right.

But seeking a second opinion can’t hurt, as long as you are disciplined enough mentally to know when to use feedback and when to throw it away. This take practice and experience, but just like anything that requires those cousins of success, it’s a worthwhile skill to possess.

Asking others what they think — and filtering that feedback accordingly — will sharpen your perspective not only about yourself but about others: You learn how people see things and gain insight into how they think. And how a person thinks has a direct effect on what they say and do. Again, this type of insight will improve your own instincts when it comes to people. And your dealings with people pretty much will determine your success in life.

So, try asking around sometimes.

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