Get Smart! By Brian Tracy (@BrianTracy) [Book Review]

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“Imagine that you had inherited a bank account containing $1 million and growing regularly with interest. But you only ever accessed twenty thousand dollars of this amount because you lacked the necessary code to acquire the rest of your money. The remainder of this wealth was yours, but you couldn’t get at it, because you did not know the correct account number that would release these funds to you.
This is the situation of most people. They have enormous stores of mental ability that they habitually fail to use.
In the pages ahead, you will learn a series of simple, practical, proven ways to tap into more and more of your natural thinking talents and abilities. You do not need to become more than you are or someone different. You only need to become all that you are already and to unleash more of your existing mental powers.”

The highest compliment I can give a book is when I wish I had written it myself. Get Smart! is a book to add to that list.

Brian basically takes everything I talk about on the Work On Your Game Podcast and wrote about book about it, in his own way, and (probably) without even knowing about the Work On Your Game Podcast.

Brian wrote a very basically-worded personal development manual that I would recommend everyone to read, as development is essential to anyone is any field of work. I almost didn’t read the book after the first chapter, as I could see what the book was about. But stayed with it and read it all, as we all need to be reminded of the essential principles of success — and it helps to hear it from someone else who has his own way of communicating.

Get Smart! addresses time management, money, energy, habit, thinking, associations, business, learning, and anything else that contributes to the betterment of a person’s life.

You Should Read Get Smart! IF: You want to get better and live a better life.