#21: How To Get And Stay In The Top 5% of Anything You Do [WOYG Podcast]

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Everyone wants to be the best — or at least we all say we do. With our information overload of today, people are all out for an edge: some new strategy, life hack, or tip that can get is what we want.
So what if we could all get into the top 5% of anything we do? Does this seem too far-fetched? Impossible? Think you’re not good enough? Wrong, wrong and wrong. You can be and stay in the top 5% of anything by simply following 3 steps: 1) have goals and review them daily 2) acquire personal development materials and consume them multiple times 3) identify every negative thought and develop the habit of replacing each with a positive thought centered around your chief aims in life.


  1. Great steps Dre, focus on becoming the best version of yourself, the only competition you have is against yourself, am I better than I was yesterday? Keep developing yourself, keep focused on what you want, know that it never ends, you can’t stop doing this and you’ll achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

    Come back here daily, the repetition will help reinforce it so eventually you won’t be thinking of it, it will be part of you. Find what works for your life, how can I apply this? You’re a learning, thinking, acting machine.

    Take time out to see how far you’ve come. Change is both slow and fast. Slow in that it wont happen overnight, fast in that day’s go by so quickly, especially when you’re focused on something, that unless you look back you may not notice the changes. Small wins every day. Focus on where you’re going.

    Your content is always appreciated Dre, every day I’m getting better.

    • This Ian great to hear Colin! Smart idea to go back through previous episodes.

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