How To Get College Basketball Coaches To Notice You If You’re Not Playing Much

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How To Get College Basketball Coaches To Notice You If You're Not Playing Much dre baldwin dreallday.comYou’re in high school and not paying a lot. But you want to play in college. What can you do? I’ll do you one better and tell you what you will do. Choose freely:

A. Get better. This applies to everyone. No matter what happens, if you don’t improve you will not play anywhere. The skills that have you on the bench in high school will have you in the stands in college.

B. Perform better and start playing more in your practices/games so you do earn playing time, and the opportunity for exposure exists.

C. Go to college. Pick one, there are thousands to choose from. This is a life decision that you should get used to making. Be careful choosing a school “for basketball” since there is no guarantee that you’ll make it anyway. Sure, you can factor inbasketball, but if you could choose a school 100% for basketball, you’d probably be playing more where you are now. I was in the same boat. I chose a school and then looked towards basketball. It worked out.

D. Get better. If you were a better player, you would be playing (more) now. There is never a point when you don’t need to improve, and never a situation where you being better would not help your results. Better players play more. Denying this leaves no hope for your success. Again, this is the same conversation I had with myself.