Give Them What They Want: Uncover What The Other Person’s Needs

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Give Them What They Want - Dre BaldwinEveryone in the world wants something.

No matter how much they have or appear to have, we all have a space that can be filled. Usually the first thing we look at in people is what we can see on the surface – material goods, looks, social standing. But nobody has everything. The hard part is, as adults, we get really good at hiding what those voids are: we’ve had years of practice, after all.

To find those voids in people you must pay attention to details. The little things said, a look in the eyes, the way clothes are worn, something left unsaid. The obvious stuff won’t help here — that’s where we are really good at dressing things up the way we want you to see them.

It is a mistake to think there is nothing you can do for another person. Needs could be fulfilled, but we all have wants.

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