Are You Giving Just To Get?

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Anytime I give a speech or do a live stream and ask about the Law Of Karma, everyone confirms that they believe in it.

Everyone agrees to this: the energy you put out will return to you. Everyone believes that helping others, with no expectations of how you’ll be helped in return, is the best way to deal with people. Everyone agrees that needing things – creating an energy of neediness – is most effective way to NOT get what you want.

We all agree that a mindset of “What do I GET?” Draws people who are thinking the same way – and you all take and take from each other, leaving nothing. We agree that the energy of holding tight to everything for fear of “losing” it or not “getting a return” on it is the worst thing to do with anything of value.

Yet, I see people violating this Law all day, every day.

“I can see the opportunity to build my name on social media, but I can’t just give out my stuff FOR FREE!!!”

“Ok, so if I share so much of what I know, when do I start to monetize it and make money?”

“I’ll give away this much – and make people pay to get the rest.”

You need to decide which side you’re on.  

Are you willing to give while not requiring payment (in any form)?

Can you help others just because?

Or is it all about conversions, ROI, and charging top dollar?

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Let me be clear: I’m ALL ABOUT converting potential customers (and keeping them as customers), charging money for my time, and attaching high prices to high-value goods.

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At the same time, I’m also about GIVING.


No qualifications on the giving. 

Sharing what I know, what I do, what I’ve experienced, what I learn, and what can help others. Giving people what I didn’t have, and what I know they need that they don’t even know they need.

Do I make money doing so? Hell yes! And I charge a lot to make sure my value commands a strong return. 

But I don’t do it SO I can make money.

The money is a byproduct of the value of what I share multiplied by how many people I impact multiplied by the depth of said impact.

Simple proof: when I started blogging and YouTube-ing, as far as I knew, there wasn’t a way make money doing it. Ads, brand deals, building lists, and all the rest came later.

And I’m glad it came later. Because if I’d come in the game when money was already being made, I might forget about Karma too.

I’ve been on the needy, forgot-about-Karma side at times in my past, mostly offline. And I’ll tell you: the energy I feel now is a MUCH better option.


I don’t wake up anxious or stressed, EVER. I don’t worry about ANYTHING. I help, share, and give as much as I can, without wondering who’s going to pay me back for it – the Law of Karma handles that for me.

Some days I stare at my camera and ask myself: “what can I share today?” And I keep asking until I come up with an answer. The result: over 5,500 videos. Have any of them made me money? Very much Yes. But I never turn on a camera or microphone or word processing document because I’m hunting for money.

I’d rather have money hunt me. And I make myself easy to find.