Go Big: Highly Successful People Won’t Laugh at Your Big Idea

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If you told a few of your broke, average-thinking friends that you wanted to build an 80 story high rise in the downtown of New York City, they might look at you funny. Laugh at you. Tell you to get serious, be more realistic.

And for them, they’re all right: From their point of view, it’s weird. Funny. Unrealistic.

Now, imagine you shared that same idea with Donald Trump. How would he respond?

Trump would ask you where your location was and if you had the proper zoning paperwork filed. Who you were considering as your contractors, and offer one of his favorites if you hadn’t chosen one yet. He’d share some ideas for your design based on his experience. Maybe Donald would even invite you to visit his office next week.

Why? Why would he offer all of this?

  1. Big poeple know big things are possible.
  2. Big people want other big-thinking friends to hang with. It’s lonely otherwise.

So here’s an easy way to root out the losers in your circle and to find the big thinkers to replace the losers with: Share a big idea and see what happens.