Going From Egg to Avatar: Earn Your Name

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In the business world, you’ll have to put in some work to earn your avatar. For a long period of time, you’ll have to deal with being an egg.

An egg?

You know what I mean — those people online who haven’t uploaded a profile pic yet.

When I’m on Periscope or YouTube or Twitter replying to comments I always look at the avatars of the people I’m replying to. It helps give me a some information about who I’m communicating with.

Some of the people are nobodies, though — their avatar/profile pic is just an egg. You’re the same when you first start building your business and/or brand name. Put in some work, the egg hatches and there’s an actual person inside. All the egg needs is to stay warm — incubated, if you will — with activity: the daily disciplines of your business.

Uploading a profile pic can be super-quick and easy: anyone can do it. Hatching an egg, though, takes some skill and patience. Those aren’t as easy to come by.

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