Good Ideas Come From Anywhere

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When it comes to ideas and suggestions, always be open to all sources. By “open,” I mean listen without preconceptions and decide if the information applies to you.

Too often, people are closed minded to new knowledge and experiences because of what they think they know that’s not even true (also known as limiting beleifs, because they limit your ability to expand — your mind, your business, your experience base).

Where do police and detectives get their best information? From criminals and other lowlifes — and that information helps the good guys catch the bad guys.

Many business owners I know tell me about epiphany moments where someone who wasn’t even involved in their business made a suggestion that wasn’t clouded by so much know-how… And that suggestion made them more money than all the expertise-for-hire they could buy.

I know it is normal for people to say, “consider the source.” And with opinions, that’s a good idea. But information is black and white, self-evident and still true, no matter where you get it from. And a great idea can be found anywhere, as long as you’re willing to accept them from anywhere.

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