Great Tucker Max Interview And Review

If you didn’t know, I am a big Tucker Max fan. I read his first book when I was in Montenegro and devoured it in about 5 days.


For the sake of time & energy: I’ll steal the intro of Tucker from the interview that led to me writing this post:

Tucker Max wrote I Hope They Serve Beer In Helland, most recentlyAssholes Finish First , both of which chronicle his experiences drinking, hooking up, and behaving like a self-proclaimed asshole. Think of the stories your friends tell the morning after, except edited (to maximize hilarity) and in book form.

Here’s an example from “Fucked-Up Pillow Talk, Part 2,” which is like the famous Abbott and Costello “Who’s On First?” routine, except for the subject matter:

—With some random girl who was really annoying:

Girl “Why don’t you last longer during sex? Ten minutes is not long enough for me.”
Tucker “I don’t understand. I lasted long enough for me to cum. Why would I go any longer?”
Girl “I want to cum too. What about me?”
Tucker “Who?”
Girl “Me.”
Tucker “Who are we talking about here?”
Girl “ME!”
Tucker “Who?”
Girl “I HATE YOU!”
Tucker “Who hates me?”

You can read other stories at

OK, so now you know who he is if didn’t already. Tucker Max’s writing is, in a word, funny. Who doesn’t like funny? You can take anything in life — basketball, church, law school, construction workers — add the word “funny,” and people will look to see what’s so funny about it. Tucker Max takes drinking and casual sex, ramps them both to the extreme, and tells his real-life stories in a way that will have you laughing. Guaranteed.

The thing that makes me a fan of Tucker, though, isn’t his drunken rampages (I don’t even drink, and when I did, I never aimed to drink as much as Tucker did on an off-day) or sexual encounters (I have my own memories). What i like about Tucker is that he took who he is — his own life, personality and experiences — and makes a living of of it. This is me, this is who I am, these are the things I do. There is 0% conformity, he answers only to himself, and people want to hear about/ watch it/ read it. Tucker’s business can be summed up in trhree words: I’m Tucker Max.

And Tucker has a truckload of detractors. What Tucker has done is similar to a post I wrote about Kim Kardashian awhile back — his business is being himself, and business is good. Many people who “hate on” (not a fan of the term, but seems best for this) Kim K. and Tucker resent them because of the fact that these two people’s business — being who they are — represents the “hater’s” inability to express their own selves.

Some have said that tucker’s stories may be a bit embellished, or that his stories of drunkenness and sex are not the greatest in history. To them i say, OK, cool. You have had better experiences? You’re a better storyteller? Then where’s your book? Now of course, it’s not so easy to just go and get a book published — so where’s your website? Blogs are free — where’s yours? Detractors of Kim Kardashian and Tucker Max look in the mirror and say to themselves, “Tucker being Tucker and Kim being Kim do more for them than me being me does for me.”


Today, I read an interview Tucker did on his book tour stop at Arizona State University. I linked to it because it’s too long for re-posting. That sentence there probably will cause 70% of you reading this to not even look at the interview. As they say — you want to hide something from a person, put it in a book (we should change that for this 21st century — ‘put it in a piece of reading material’). Tucker discusses how he realized that he could go a different way in the real world than the two options most college grads think they have: either more school, or go get a job. The entrepreneurs and risk-takers aren’t the ones teaching in schools or telling you to go to school. Tucker feels (and I strongly agree, and have been writing about this principle for years) that there is a third way, but people, even if wanting to go that third way, have no idea where to start or what to do. But, there is a clear, polished map for going one of the first two ways, which is why so many of us end up following it.

Tucker Max articulates very well — alas, he’s a New York Times bestseller — so just read the interview and hear it from him.

Related: A great post on Tim Ferriss’ website (my review of Tim’s first book) by Tucker on how he became a top-selling author despite being turned down repeatedly when he started out with his stories.

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