Guts & Glory: Everyone Is Brave Before The Battle

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Guts & Glory dre baldwinAfter the Crampgate game 1 of the NBA Finals, social media exploded, as you know. Everyone had something to say, an opinion to give, a person to bash for one reason or another.

For me, the funniest statements came from those who boasted about how they overcame some physical challenge to compete in a sport at some point in life, meaning that LeBron should’ve done the same.

I was thoroughly amused. So LeBron James doesn’t measure up to your physical standards and toughness levels? Duly noted. Your guts & glory story of finishing a half-marathon or playing ultimate frisbee have nothing to do with playing a basketball game at the highest possible level of the NBA (when you’re already the widely recognized best player around, to boot). But this post is not (entirely) about that.

Every person has a completely unique view and experience of the world. The exact same stimulus can cause completely different involuntary responses in two people. Doesn’t make either person better or tougher or smarter than the other; we all have our unique circumstances.

I never get migraine headaches. I’ve never had one, ever. Some of you get them all the time. I like hot and humid (aka Miami Beach) weather. Some people cannot function in this type of heat. I could — but won’t anymore — eat an entire 5lb bag of Twizzlers in one day (fingers crossed). If you did that, you might be sick for a week. Just different ways we respond to things, based on a physical makeup that we do not 100% voluntarily control.

Just because you did something on Monday in Reno doesn’t mean you can do it again on Tuesday in Vegas. Achievements cannot be extrapolated — only what you actually did counts. Not what you could’ve done based on a lesser achievement (and LeBron James has done more as an athlete that most of us ever will — just the facts).

When you talk about someone who is at a level higher than you, they’ve been where you are. You have not seen the view from their vantage point. And that counts.

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