H-U-S-T-L-E-R: Making Something Out Of Nothing

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“Hustle mean hard work/Hard Work? If you scared, go to church” – Gorrilla Zoe

h-u-s-t-l-e-r dre baldwin dreallday.comThe term “hustler” seems to have negative connotations for some people. A hustler is viewed as someone to always keep an eye on, for they may be scheming on how to get over on you or get more out of a deal than they’re supposed to get. Or a hustler could be a drug dealer standing on a street corner. And, depending on your environment and the things you see/read/watch, all of these are actually true.

I see the term a different way.

A hustler is someone who makes some thing out of nothing. A hustler makes more out of his/her circumstances than the average person would in the same situation — thusly, being a hustler is relative in some ways. If you place ten people in the same situation, and give them all the same goal, they can’t all be hustlers — some will do better than others. Those are your hustlers. If they all have differing goals, however, then the equation changes. Ten people from the same starting line can go in ten different directions, all making more out of what they were given. That is hustling.

A hustler is a magician. A hustler sweats — literally and figuratively — from the work it takes to make something out of nothing. It ain’t easy. Nothing is handed out — things are taken by the hustler. A lot happens that you don’t see with the hustler. Everyone, in the png run, has to respect the hustler when they step back and see her work. Because the equation of what she started with and how she ended up just doesn’t equate. It just doesn’t make sense  how you could go from there to here.

That’s why that person is a hustler.

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