Happiness Is A Skill: You Choose To Be Happy

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Happiness Is A Skill - Dre BaldwinExternal factors happen; some that we expect, many that we don’t. Some that we welcome, many of which we won’t. And we can’t control any of it. But, a lot of us (or, many of us at a lot of times) allow these external things to control our happiness.

Your happiness is your choice.

You choose how to feel at any moment. You can choose to get up and take a walk when you’re feeling sluggish on the couch. You can choose to clear your mind with a few minutes of deep breathing or meditation when the negatives are piling up. You tell your feelings how to feel.

Will these things happen immediately just because you read this post or because you started to think about it? Probably not — but remember what happiness is: A skill.

Think about the activity that you’re best at. Did you become good at it just by thinking about it? No, you practiced and learned and got better. Hence, you developed a skill.

Being happy, feeling good, and having positive energy vibes that others can feel are all skills. They’re not innate abilities that people are “just born with” — even if they never thought about it, those positive-energy people you know have been practicing that for a long time. The only time you can begin is the only time you have — now.