Hardest Part Of Starting A Podcast?

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A question I answered on QuoraWhat was the hardest part about starting your podcast?

A: Content.

Whether you’re a solo (or duo or trio etc) show and have to come up with ideas relevant to your topic, or a guest-based show and have to find good people to have on. Content is king and it’s what keeps people listening.

The easiest way around this to be a “commentary” show, which is similar to radio: you talk about current events. A music commentary show, for exmaple, will discuss the latest album and single releases. This is “easy” because the topics are supplied for you.

The drawback to this is, this is what most shows do. So you’re in heavy competition for ears, and by the time someone gets around to your show, they’ve already heard myriad takes on the subject at hand.

A harder route is evergreen content, that is not current-events related. Harder since 1) it’s not here-and-now and thus there is no urgency for listeners to get to it, and 2) you as host have to consistently come up with the ideas on a regular basis to keep you show going.

My show is solo and evergreen; it works for me because I’m really good at coming up with and fleshing out ideas; most people, frankly, are not — at least not after an initial push. They can’t keep it up.

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