The Haters Aren’t After You. They’re After The Audience

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The Haters Aren't After You. They're After The Audience dre baldwin dreallday.comThe negative people (aka “Haters”) shouting at you aren’t really trying to get at you. They’re looking to see who else agrees with them.

Negative people are still people. And people like being part of a group. People who can’t find company on the positive side of things still have a need for connection. So they’ll seek and find it on the negative side. When you have a “hater” talking bad about you, that person is floating a trial balloon out to see who else jumps on board to join him. And anyone who hears that negativity who is on the fence about you may join their side.

A hater wants to make it look cool and acceptable to be against you. And anyone within earshot who has been thinking the same but lacked the heart to speak on it has found a home.

So you have a few choices.

  1. Make examples of the hater(s) so anyone thinking about joining them knows what’s coming to them. This will deter future joiners from making the wrong decision.
  2. Build a team of supporters who make it cool to be on your side. Just like negative people can team up, so can the positive side.
  3. Starve the naysayers of their fuel by winning. Over and over and over again. They can only go against you with whatever they deem to be your failures and losses. Minimize those (or make sure your winning percentage is higher than theirs) and they won’t have much to go off of.

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