Head-On: Walk Straight Up To Things And Handle Them

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Head-On dre baldwinThere’s something you’ve been putting off dealing with. Not some school work or something you have to write on Facebook or fix in your basement. I’m talking about something that will force you to deal with another person directly, in a situation that could result in a disagreement. And so many people are afraid of doing this. People put shit off and ignore it and use passive-aggresisve behavior because they fear whatever negative connotations they have associated with confrontation.

“Confrontation” — the word alone scares people. But we are all different as people, which means we will disagree. And we will need to communicate it. So what happens is we talk to other people about our disagreement, we do (and say) passive-aggressive things towards the person we disagree with. What must be realized is that confrontation just means differing opines, not blood and death.

Facing it will feel like a weight is lifted off of your shoulders. You’ll feel more confident and bold. Your next circumstance of facing another person will be much easier because you know you can face someone and get things off of your chest. And once you build a reputation for facing things head-on, guess what happens: All the others who are still afraid will let you have your way rather than face the dreaded face-to-face conversation.

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