Hear It From Me: They Won’t Know if Your Don’t Tell Them

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Some friends of mine knew me to be dating this girl once. That relationship had been over for about 6 weeks when I was on the phone with one of those friends, whom I hadn’t talked to since the relationship had ended.

“You know I’m not seeing ____ anymore, right?” I said.

“Hold on, Dre — how are we supposed to know if you didn’t tell us?”

Such a simple story, but if you think about it, this is a point many of us routinely miss.

I heard Donald Trump on The Apprentice once: I know people who can sing better than Frank Sinatra — but they’re failures. Because they can’t sell. 

I know a lot of really skilled, talented people who don’t have any success in that area of skill, because no one knows of their skills. As for selling, all sales is is letting people know what you have. If they don’t know, they can’t buy.

Often we will omit sharing something with certain others because we assume they already know… Then someone does something that demonstrates they didn’t know (or remember), and things go left. I’ve learned to tell people things too much rather than not enough because of this realization.

There are opportunities all of us could have that we don’t have right now, simply because the opportunity doesn’t know about us or what we can do or what we’re selling.

When it comes to informing people, aim for the problem of too much vs not enough.