Hey Dre, Everyone Is To Blame… Except Me!

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Another anonymous player email…Hey Dre, Everyone Is To Blame... Except Me! - Dre Baldwin

Q: “There is this guy in high school and he has great handles and will most likely make the varsity team this coming season because the coach favors him over others. I don’t blame him, he’s a good player and is dedicated. My handles have gotten way better (thanks to your workouts) and every time I face him 1 on 1 he beats me. For some reason I just choke when I see him play and I just don’t do my best even though I try. Everyone thinks I suck and tells me I should just give up basketball, even though they struggle to do simple between the leg crossovers and all of that easy crap. Any advice? I’m willing to do anything for the sport of basketball no matter what.”

A: You started your message with a bullshit excuse over something that has nothing to do with you, and ended it complaining about what other people say. You are your own problem — not the coach or the guy with handles or the people who say anything bad about you.

You say you will do anything for basketball — start with worrying about yourself and only yourself and you will be 100% better just by doing that. The only things you can control are your effort, attitude, and work. Focus on that and your excuses will evaporate.

Good luck.


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