Hey Dre: I Wasn’t Good At A Small School, How Can I Make It At A Big School?

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Hey Dre: I Wasn't Good At A Small School, How Can I Make It At A Big School? dre baldwinEvery once in awhile, I’ll have post that is a copy-paste of an email exchange I’ve had with someone. I do this when I feel the exchange would swerve others who may have similar issues/opinions/questions. All identifying information, of course, is removed. You’ll see the question that was asked (Q:) and my response (A:). Beneath that will be any additional thoughts/links/information relating to the message.  

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Q: Hey dre. So im 16 and I have a very difficult task on my hands and was wondering if you could throw some advice my way. I recently moved from a little bity 2A school in the small market of alabama. To a 6A school in oklahoma. Yea big change I know. Basketbal tryouts are a ways away so I have time to get ready but….. the problem im having is that I couldnt make my highschool team at a small2A, so how the heck am I going to make Iit at union high??? So if you have any advice on thw tryouts that would be great and thanks for all you do dre! #WOYG

A:  First off, with that mentality you’re right — you won’t make it. And no one is causing you to think that way, you have chosen it. So if that’s what you feel then you may as well not even try out. 

See the Guides & Tips page on my website where I talk about tryout situations, and also the Skills page where I cover the mental side of the game. 
Let me know how things go for you. 

So much of this game — and excelling at it — is mental, as you can see form many of these message I get. I think I’ll write another book on the mental side of things…

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