Hey Dre, I’m Really Good At Basketball! Let Me Tell You How Good I Am.

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Another question from an anonymous commentator. Check them all out here.

Q: Hey Dre I’m a 6’4 sophomore who is an awesome team player. I have range. I have handles for my height and I can rebound and i am not afraid to WORK to get better at my game. What kind of things do I need to do to get recognized by a college? Plz hit me back if you see this.

A: You need to 1) be the player you say you are and 2) prove it when it matters, like in games and training every day.
Saying in a comment that you’re good is useless; every day a player tells me how good she/he is. Who cares? If you are really that good you won’t need to talk about it because it will be obvious when you play. Read the Guides & Tips page where I discuss scholarships and college. Good luck. 

Notes on this post:

  1. When you have to announce that you’re good, you’re not good.
  2. When you’re asking me a question, don’t ask it in the comments of a page that was created to answer the very question you’re asking me. How can you thrive in a college environment, on or off the court, if you don’t read or follow instructions?
  3. Never add a “please respond” or any other form of that plea, to your questions. This makes you sound like a beggar. You know how most people treat beggars? They ignore them. Let this post serve as an example for anyone who comes after this kid.

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