Hey Dre, Why Am I Thinking The Way I’m Thinking?

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Hey Dre, Why Am I Thinking The Way I'm Thinking? dre baldwinEvery once in awhile, I’ll have post that is a copy-paste of an email exchange I’ve had with someone. I do this when I feel the exchange would swerve others who may have similar issues/opinions/questions. All identifying information, of course, is removed. You’ll see the question that was asked (Q:) and my response (A:). Beneath that will be any additional thoughts/links/information relating to the message.

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Q: I’m in the 8th grade going onto to high school next year and I play point guard. I know playing nervous and scared are on your FAQS but why am I scared to make moves. I always hear people say I’m good but in games I’m scared of getting ripped so I subconsciously try my best not to make moves. Can you tell me why that is? I have pretty good ballhandling skills and a great shot but on my school team and my AAU team I played like this. I’m not scared of anything other than this by this prevents me from getting past the other guards. I get ripped every now and then which makes it worse, that feeling. It’s really stressful and irritating because I can’t play to my potential. That stress is so annoying because when I watch other kids play it’s not there. I feel like I’m running out of time to fix this before high school. So what do you have to say? You probably get a thousand of these and want to hit me upside the head but why am I like this?

A: Did you read my post? If  so, there are no magic words left for me to change your behavior, that’s your job. 

I cannot explain you to you — you need to be explaining it to me. Your choices are either to 1) figure it out, since it’s you who is doing it and your own actions are problem, or 2) do nothing — talking about it is the same as doing nothing. You are 100% responsible.

Good luck!
This email was sent from the Guides & Tips Page, where I explicitly cover the topic this kid emailed me about. In short, you have to stop thinking so much — thinking about what you’re thinking about. No wonder you’re not doing well at a game that is best played off of instinct.

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