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“In order to do something outrageous, like this, it’s going to require you to do things very differently than everybody else. You’ll have to put in more work, be more intentional with your actions, and put your books, business, and destiny in your own hands.

The reward is incredibly worth it.”

Dana Derricks went from full-time copywriter to entrepreneur, and one of his main products are value-packed books. 

In High-Ticket Book Secrets, Dana explains exactly how he does it. 

You can read the book yourself to get the entire process (which takes time and is not a quick-fix thing, just so you know), but I like the very idea of High-Ticket Books (and the processes behind a book that creates the “high ticket” part, which can be much more than just the book itself). 

I mean, think about it: The material that an author puts into a book, especially one that’s in the self-help or business genre, is enough material for a few online courses or ten keynote speeches — both of which we can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for. 

But the book is $19? 

And if you’re signed to a traditional book publisher? Forget it. You’d be lucky to get $0.19. 

The economics don’t add up. 

Dana Derricks to the rescue. 

You Should Read High-Ticket Book Secrets IF: You want to stop giving away the years or time and effort that create a book for $19 (or $0.19, if you’ve signed with a major publisher). And you want to start getting the value in return from your books that you put into them. 

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