History Forgets Most Of The Story: Just Get It Done

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The only way to be remembered in this world is to win. – Michael Jordan 

Killer Instinct.

A ruthless determination to get results. I think we all would love to have a dose of this type of energy at times.

When that force is with us, we throw caution, fear and self-consciousness to the wind and get things done. That may require begging, borrowing and dealing. Lying, cheating and stealing. Bending and brekaing the rules.

All in the name of getting it done. And, when the killer instinct is kicked in, we usually do get it done.

And all posterity remembers is that fact. We got it done.

All of the in-between story — why we did it, the small victories and losses along the way, who helped us or didn’t, the clever tricks you employed, the little white lies used to deceive — is mostly forgotten or incorrectly recorded and passed down.

All that will be remembered is if you got it done. Made that team. Closed that customer. Wrote that book. Reached that work position. No explanation can overcome a lack of achievement, and no achievement needs to be explained.

Just get it done.


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