“A Hit Record Can’t Be Stopped.”

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Many years ago, before Snapchat, DJ Khaled was a known but not yet super-famous DJ. Khaled would spin records at parties and clubs and tour shows and the rest.

One particular rapper voiced some displeasure with Khaled back then. The rapper’s gripe was pretty simple: Khlaed, you never spin my records on the radio or at your club appearances! Play my records more often!

Khaled’s response is a classic that should motivate you.

I don’t play [said rapper’s] music because his music is garbage. Tell him to make some hit records. A hit record can’t be stopped. No DJ can stop a hit record. No label can stop a hit record. Nobody can stop a hit record.

[shareable cite=”@DreAllDay]A hit record can’t be stopped.[/shareable]

This applies to you, whether  you’re a musician, inventor, script writer or basketball player.

A great song will get found.

A great invention will be consumed by the masses.

A great player will be “exposed.”

[shareable cite =”DreAllDay”] A great player will be “exposed.” [/shareable]

A hit cannot be stopped.

If you’re finding yourself being “stopped” – by a DJ who won’t play your songs, a coach who won’t let you play shooting guard, a boss who won’t give you a raise – you need to look at what you’re doing.

[shareable cite =”@DreAllDay”]Do you have a hit on your hands? If so, nothing is stopping you. [/shareable]

Do you have a hit on your hands? If so, nothing is stopping you.

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