What’s Holding Us Back

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Sometimes I get the feeling that I don’t have the mental spark. I’m not quite as productive, and not as “on the beam,” as Napoleon Hill used to say, as I could be.

Any time I find myself holding back as such, it’s always for the same reason: fear and doubt have infiltrated my Mind.

Fear came about, at first, actually, to make us move: get away from that saber toothed tiger! But now that life isn’t so moment-to-moment dangerous, yet we still have the fear instinct, it’s flipped on us: now we use fear to stop ourselves from moving.

Fear shows itself in the form of hesitation and doubt. We always know when we’re holding back. It’s us, after all, who’s not doing something we want to do.

Here’s how to, at any time, cleanse yourself of fear and doubt and get to whatever you want to do.

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”h4″ animation=”none” background=”plain”]Ask Yourself A Better Question: Change Your Questions, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life[/dt_quote]

Understand why you’re in doubt or hesitation: it could work. Listen, if the proposition in your mind was just flat out ridiculous — jump off this cliff with no rope or training and try landing on your feet and not dying — you wouldn’t be hesitating to say NO.

I’m not saying you’re afraid of it working, but that you know it could. And you’re thinking about it — which means you want to to do it.

Remember what’s behind you. Everything that has lead to this situation, you know about. You’ve seen it, lived it, and you want more; hence your current thought process. All the progress is in front of you. The only question is, Will you take it?

Moments change everything. When LeBron james made the huge block at the end of Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, that moment — five minutes later — went down in history as the moment that won the series. Had it not happened, and the Warriors won the series, nothing else LeBron or any of the Cavs had done would matter.

It takes a split second to click Send on an email, to say Yes to a deal, or to sign your name to a document. After that moment, you’re in a new life.

Fear and doubt don’t hold on to you — you hold on to it. Convince yourself of your confidence, let go of the old stuff, and your life can never be the same.


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