"Skills Are The Name Of The Game."
- Dre Baldwin

You’ve learned in Basketball: The 4 Essential Mental Game Tools what Mental Game tools you need to compete at the highest level of basketball. Now it’s time to address your physical game, specially the game-specific skills you’ll need to play basketball at your best.

Players who lack complete skill sets all eventually run into a wall where their lack of skill costs them by way of a missed or lost opportunity, playing time, maybe even a roster spot or a chance to earn one. Yes, athletic ability is essential for playing basketball. And the Mental Game is paramount for excelling in anything in life, sports and otherwise. But for anything in which you involve yourself and plan to excel, you need SKILLS.

With this belief in mind, I created this workbook, Basketball: The 9 Essential Game Skills.

By the end of The 9 Essential Game Skills Workbook, you will:

  • Understand the details of every skill in the game of basketball and why they matter for you
  • Know which areas of your game need further development
  • Have a detailed strategy for continuous basketball skill improvement
  • Never again be blind to what your game is missing

Let's complete your game and make you the all-around player you deserve to be recognized as.