• How long does it take to receive a program I ordered?

USA orders: Allow 10-15 Business Days
International: 30-45 Days

Programs may arrive sooner.

  • Do you send tracking information?

You will receive a confirmation email with every purchase. For now, we do not send tracking information. We are, however, working on an efficient system for doing so. If you haven't received your order within the time frames listed above, contact us and we will handle it.

  • How do you determine that “Retail Value” of a program?

Dre determines this using several factors - time invested in creating a program; hard value of goods; manufacturing, storage & shipping costs; real value to the end user (you); intangible value (success, confidence, discipline, happiness, etc); lifetime value which doesn't expire or get old - amongst others.
He decides the Retail Value from all of this, and the actual price from there. In other words, the value and price are what he says they are.

  • What's different about these physical programs compared to the old digital ones? 

- New HoopHandbook programs are updated
- Multiple programs are often combined to form a new one - so don't be fooled by the names which you
- It's a physical book that you can hold and feel! 

  • Why did you send me to this website when I just wanted some basketball tips and advice from you? 

All Dre's "Help, Tips and Advice" an be found via his YouTube, Blog, Podcast, email messages and social media - all of which are free. Go look for them.
If you can't find what you need, look again.

HoopHandbook.com is for players serious about their game and serious about improvement - which requires an investment. If you're not that serious yet, maybe one day you will be. 

  • So you're saying I must not be serious about basketball if I won't buy your programs?

Not necessarily these programs - but anyone who's serious about anything, will invest money into it. Think about it --

We invest in boyfriends and girlfriends.
We invest in our careers.
We invest in our bodies - gym memberships, doctor/dentist visits, barber shop/salon appointments, makeup, tattoos, food...
We invest in our minds - school, books, seminars

If you're not ready to invest, enjoy all the free stuff I have.

  • I was going to buy _______, but it's not longer available. Why? 

You waited too long!

Get on the Alert list for that program and you'll know when we bring it back.

  • Why are you always selling stuff? Why can't you just help people? Why do we have to PAY?

I help people by selling them products and services that solve their problems. Usually, people come to me for help, which makes it my duty to help them. Charging money to help people is how business works.

If you're not convinced, try asking this same question at some other places and see what happens --

Doctor's office
Grocery store
College Bursar's office
Car dealership
Landlord/Bank you pay mortgage to
Cell phone company
Gas station
Post office

You pay at all those places without thinking twice, because you need what they have.

Do you need to be better at basketball? Only you can answer that.

  • I was also considering __________’s program. What's your opinion? 

No one else offers what I offer. My experience, in both teaching and doing in basketball, is unmatched.

So there is no comparison between me and anyone alive.

If, after reading through this site, you're still not convinced, HoopHandbook may not be for you.

  • The HoopHandbook programs really helped me!! How can I let you know? 

A testimonial video would be great! But if you're camera shy, an email is just as good (make sure to include a photo)


Why you needed help with your game
What happened while using HoopHandbook Programs
Your "After" results
What you'd say to anyone who's thinking about it

We really appreciate it! Send all testimonials to Info [at] HoopHandbook.com Subject Line: Testimonial

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee on programs?

No. With video demonstrations, our programs are digital-based and priced to be affordable for all players at all ages, there are no refunds. You're learning from the trainings of a 9-yar professional player. If you're serious about your game, believe in yourself and invest in yourself.

  • My mom/dad has some questions before I get a program (because it's her/his card in using). How can we ask? 

If it's not covered on this page or the About page, email us: Info [at] HoopHandbook.com

  • Use HoopHandbook programs at your own risk. Consult your physician or other medical professional before beginning any exercise routine.