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A great resource coaching basketball at a Div 3 school

Just finished book over the weekend—thanks so much for all the great info. It will be a great resource coaching at a Div 3 school---I know our best player from this season is trying to continue to play. Looking forward to sharing the info—great thoughts on mental toughness. Thanks again,

Brad Oringer
College Basketball Coach

Dre is The Man

I have learned more from him than any other person throughout the last few years.. He has positively influenced my life and without him paving the way for young entrepreneurs and basketball players, there is no way I'd be where I am today.


Not only help me physically, but mentally

Dre, i just appreciate you and the videos you upload on youtube, you did not only help me physically, but mentally, and nobody in youtube gives motivation than you are. Keep up the good work.


Hoops = Life

@DreAllDay with the hoops = life keynote.

Michael Bartholow
Search marketing professional