Create And Finish Through Contact, Be A Stronger Basketball Player, Have That Ripped Physique You Want

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Who Needs Position of Power?

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Does ANY Of These Describe You?

  • COMMITTED: You're Serious About Your Game - Or Want To Be, If You Only Knew How To Be Serious.

You are truly dedicated to basketball.
Outside of school and family, you spend as much time as you can working on your game. Basketball isn't just a hobby or something to pass time. You're all-the-way IN.

Or, maybe you're not quite there yet - only because you don't know where to begin or what to do.

If any of the above is you, you're in the right place. Keep reading.

  • ​FRUSTRATION: Your Basketball Results Are Not Matching Up With Your Efforts.

You're NOT one of those players who says he's working hard - but not actually doing it.
You embrace the work.
You know it will be tough. You know it's not easy.
And STILL, you keep showing up.

Yet for some reason, your work and your success aren't on the same page.

If someone watched you train and prepare, they would assume you're a starter for your club. In training, you look like an MVP-level, All-Star, National Team player.
But your practice skill doesn't always translate to in-game skill.
That's the most frustrating part.

Good News: The SOLUTION Exists.

​Introducing Position of Power

The Full Basketball Strength Program To Create And Finish Through Contact, Be A Stronger Player, Get A Ripped Physique


Everything You Need To Play Basketball With Power, In ONE Program.  

Strengthen your core to absorb - and initiate - contact in a contact sport.

Never get pushed around on the court again.

Have plenty of gas in your tank in the 4th quarter of your games.

Demonstrations And Examples

Form and posture are very important. Doing the right movement the wrong way is not only a waste of valuable time - it can lead to injury down the road.

You'll have video explaining and demonstrating every movement in Position of Power so you can be sure you're doing everything correctly.

Track Your Work: Daily, Weekly And Monthly Charts

​You need to know what you've been doing to see what is working and why it's working.

So we included workout trackers - in the program itself and a digital version - for you to chart your work and progress.

When the results show up, you'll know exactly why.

Who's Used Our Programs? 

We have THOUSANDS of testimonials from MILLIONS of players. Here are a few:

"I'm Ready To Create And Finish Through Contact,

Be A Stronger Player, And Have A Ripped Physique!!!"

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