Are You A Player Who Needs This?

Does ANY Of These Describe You?

  • COMMITTED: You're Serious About Your Game - Or Want To Be, If You Only Knew How To Be Serious.

You are truly dedicated to basketball.

Outside of school and family, you spend as much time as you can working on your game. Basketball isn't just a hobby or something to pass time. You're all-the-way IN.

Or, maybe you're not quite there yet - only because you don't know where to begin or what to do.

If any of the above is you, you're in the right place. Keep reading.

  • FRUSTRATION: Your Basketball Results Are Not Matching Up With Your Efforts.

You're NOT one of those players who says he's working hard - but not actually doing it.
You embrace the work.
You know it will be tough. You know it's not easy.
And STILL, you keep showing up.

Yet for some reason, your work and your success aren't on the same page.

If someone watched you train and prepare, they would assume you're a starter for your club. In training, you look like an MVP-level, All-Star, National Team player.
But your practice skill doesn't always translate to in-game skill.
That's the most frustrating part.

  • LOST: The Exposure And Attention You Want Just Isn't Happening, And You Don't Know Why.

You have GAME - and you've proved it. You have the stats. You've outplayed the other so-called "best" players.

Yet, you're not on the top AAU teams.
You don't get the camp invites.
You have ZERO offers.
There are no scouts at your games.

What is going on???!!!

  • ISOLATION: You're All Alone With Your Basketball Dream. You're The ONLY ONE Who Can See You Succeeding.

Your parents don't understand your obsession with basketball. They may be indifferent or even downright negative about it.

Your friends play basketball - but none of them is as serious as you. They only work hard when it's convenient.

With your teammates, it's either --

A) They don't take the game seriously
B) They don't take you seriously or respect you

Let's face it: The only person who really believes in you as a basketball player is YOU.

  • HOW?!?!: Players Who Put In Less Work Than You Are Performing Better Than You.

You squeeze every once out of every minute you get to Work On Your Game.

Then you see players who DON'T put in nearly the same work, getting more playing time than you. They're scoring more points than you. They're even being recruited.

How is this even possible?!?

  • POLITICS: You're Overlooked By Coaches And Scouts Because Of Size, Playing Style, Where You're From, Or They're Just Plain Dumb. 

The coach at school doesn't even notice you because of your height.

You're a defensive, team-oriented player, and the coach only watches the scorers.

You know you're better than some of the returning players, but you never get the chance to show it.

Anyone could watch and see your game - everyone, that is, except the coaches and scouts who NEED to see it. 

Have I Described You And Your Situation?
Good News: The SOLUTION Exists.

Introducing the Signature Manuals

The Fully Detailed Mental AND Physical Training Manuals To FINALLY Take Your Game Where You Deserve To Be


The Basketball Existence You've Always Wanted.
Everyone who didn't believe? Make them Believers. Your hard work will FINALLY pay you back. Your Reputation as a respected player speaks for you. CONFIDENCE? Through the roof.
You're NEVER WORRIED about making a team again. You perform Consistently - vs. Anyone, on ANY court. Coaches, Scouts and other players Seek You Out for their teams. You no longer chase them.

Every Drill. Every Workout. Every Skill.
You have options: Each Signature Manual is laid out in 30-Day groups of 4 weeks apiece. You can follow a program for 30 days and repeat it, or get to work on another program.
If you like to mix-and-match, You have over 500 individual daily workouts to choose from. If you want to switch things up by the week, you have 120+ weeks - that more than 2 YEARS - of unique training to do.
And it's all organized for you.

Daily, Weekly And Monthly Training + Tracking.
You now have 400+ Pages Of Dre Baldwin's Basketball Expertise For YOU To Work On Your Game.
You'll have 365 days of workout tracking at the back of each manual, along with a digital version of the forms if you prefer to track your progress that way.
Either way, you know exactly where you've been and where you're going.

Who's Used These Workouts?

I've worked with MILLIONS of basketball players, in-person and virtually, worldwide since 2006.
Who are the types of players who come looking for my help?

Julian graduated Grinnell College and is on his way to play overseas. I've worked with Julian since he was in high school; he was averaging 29.6 PPG as a college senior in a fast-paced offense. Look at his highlights:

Recap: Exactly What You're Getting

What To Expect When You Order Your Signature Manual and Start Working On Your Game

  • 3 Manuals to choose from: Point Guards, Wings & Bigs. Get All 3 at a discount
  • 400+ page Signature Manual(s), shipped to your doorstep
  • Over 500 workouts, composed into weeks and 30-day programs
  • Workout Trackers to note your days, programs done, and assess your performance by the day
  • The features of the Signature Manuals are great, but let's talk about what you REALLY want --

A Position on the Court instead of the bench.
The Respect of Teammates and Opponents.
Acknowledgement and Recognition from Coaches and Scouts.
The Self-Esteem that comes from Knowing You Set a Goal and Made It Happen.
You Own Success Story.
THAT'S what you get with the Signature Manuals.