How A Drug Addict’s Meeting Taught Me Emotional Control…

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50 Cent told this story in an interview years ago. 

50 (who was still “Curtis” at this point) had been caught dealing drugs. 

Since it was his first offense, his lawyer was able to get his client Curtis put into a Shock Incarceration Program for young men, instead of the normal prison time. 

Shock Incarceration is, from what I gathered from 50, the jail version of military basic training. 

Your whole day, from 5 AM calisthenics to lights out at 9 PM, is structured. 

The guards and instructors have first and final say on everything.  

There are group counseling and decision making classes. 

And if you mess up in Shock, you don’t just walk out and go home: you go to prison and do the time you normally would’ve gotten for your court case. 

Curtis and his lawyer were able to get Curtis placed in a rehab-type program for drug users while in Shock. 

This means that the guy we now know as 50 Cent used to have to sit in weekly Addicts Anonymous meetings. 

“Hi. My name is Curtis, and I’m an addict.” 

Curtis has to go through the motions of the meetings just like everyone else. 

Every Tuesday, Curtis has to stand up and give some sort of testimony/story about himself and what had landed him in the facility. And everyone had to sit quietly and listen. 

After hearing his story, the rest of the room was allowed to comment on what they’d heard. 

The recovering addicts in those meetings knew that Curtis was a drug dealer, not a recovering user. And some of them hadn’t yet developed to the point of owning their own additions. 

When comment time came, some addicts seized the opportunity to blame Curtis — the drug dealer — for their addictions. 

These recovering addicts would hurl insults and blame at Curtis, identifying him as the reason why their lives were so messed up. 

Now, if you follow 50 Cent’s music and career, you know: this guy is not someone who backs down from conflict. 

But, there was a rule in Shock’s Addict meetings. 

After telling your story and hearing everyone’s feedback on Tuesday, you weren’t allowed to respond. 

You read that right. 

After everyone in the room had made their statements about you, you could not, by rule, say anything back… until Friday. 

I suppose this was their way of instilling mental discipline in people. 

Solid prison time awaited anyone who violated the rules. 

Later as a successful entertainer, 50 credited his experience in those meetings for helping him learn to control his emotions and not be so reactive to circumstances. 

That discipline of the mind leads to disciplines in other areas. 

There’s a reason why the first principle of Work On Your Game is Discipline. It’s the foundation of everything else — Confidence, Mental Toughness, and Personal Initiative. 

Without discipline, everything else collapses. 

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