How Bad The Headache Is

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How Bad The Headache Is dre baldwin dreallday.comMichael Jordan broke his foot in his second NBA season. He missed most of the Bulls’ 82 games, and he wanted to return for the final 15-20 or so games of the 1985-86 season.

In a meeting with Bulls management, the Bulls’ side voiced their concern about MJ coming back too soon. “There’s a 10% chance you break your foot again,” management argued. “We want you to rest and be ready for next season with no threats to your foot.”

MJ wasn’t hearing it. He wanted to play. Besides, a 10% chance at a break meant a 90% chance of nothing breaking! MJ told them as much.

“Imagine you had a headache, Michael, and I gave you a container of Advil,” said General Manager Jerry Krause. “Then I told you that one of the ten Advil capsules was coated with cyanide (which would kill the person who took it).  Would you take the pill?”

“That’s a damn good analogy, Jerry,” MJ replied. “And my answer is this: It depends how bad the headache is.”

Michael Jordan played the last games of the season. The he scored 63 against the Boston Celtics in the first round of the Playoffs (Chicago got swept in that series, btw).

What’s your headache?

Many people don’t want to start things because they’re not too sure of their chance of success. They’ve heard about the people who failed. Those who didn’t make it. The friend who lost money. Many people would rather stick to the safe, “guaranteed” thing (though nothing is actually guaranteed). Introduce any chance of failing into any opportunity in life, 90% of people will never approach it.

Not because they can’t succeed, not because they don’t understand logic, but because their headaches aren’t bad enough.

When your headache is bad enough, you’ll take an Advil with a FIFTY percent chance of grabbing the cyanide pill.

When your headache is bad enough, it doesn’t matter who failed before or what people might say or how low your chances appear to be. When the headache is bad enough, you’ve decided that you’d rather do ANYTHING other than deal with the headache for another second. The cyanide pill would be an upgrade.

A headache is any pressing need. To make a team, start a business, meet new people, start a business.

What can separate you from the rest? Take  action before the migraine hits. Most wait until they’re bedridden and live their entire lives with a headache due to the fear of grabbing the cyanide.

Take the cyanid pill and die once. Don’t cure the headache and you die daily.

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