How can someone with small hands dunk a basketball?

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A question I answered on Quora: How can someone with small hands dunk a basketball?


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Simple answer: Jump Higher.

You don’t need to palm a basketball to dunk it; you just need to be high enough over the rim to throw it down.

I am 6’4” with a 6’8” wingspan. I don’t play anymore but dunked with ease “in my day” — and didn’t not palm the ball, ever, for a dunk.

The below vid is not a demonstration – just showing you how I dunked without palming. Notice how I jumped high enough that both hands were over the rim. With more of a running start, such as in a game, both wrists would be over as well.



Here’s my vertical jump program: Vertical & Dunking HoopHandbook by Dre Baldwin

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