How do people get paid for podcasts?

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A question I answered on Quora: How do people get paid for podcasts?


Not sure if there’s a “best” way — you’d have to experiment and see your results — but here are some ideas/ways to generate revenue from a podcast. These are all contingent on your ability to actually execute on them; I’ll add the elements/skills needed for each.

  1. Sell ad space to advertisers. Requires an audience of a certain size (depends on advertiser), and your ability to sell them on advertising on your show. After the initial sale, keeping them happy by listeners going to their sites, buying products etc.
  2. Market your own products & services against your content. Requires you having products to sell, and your ability to sell them via your show.
  3. Charge prospective guests to be on your show. Requires you having an audience that’s worth paying to get in front of so people would buy an appearance.
  4. Sell your show to a company and have them pay you to make content they have a say in. Requires a consistent show (and topic) and dedicated audience that a company would want to invest in. You could either sell the show outright or stay on as an “employee” of the show.
  5. Charge your listeners to listen to your show. Requires you having a really good and more importantly, unique, show that people couldn’t otherwise get for free. Then continued excellence that makes it worth it.
  6. Start a Patreon account and let your audience support your show. Requires an audience who is dedicated to your show who actually wants to support — and you letting them know about it.