How do you discipline yourself to react to disappointments?

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A question I answered on Quora: How do you discipline yourself to react to disappointments?


Don’t react (instinctive and immediate), but respond (time and space between stimulus and future action).

Give yourself time to assess the situation:

  • What happened
  • Why it happened
  • What role you played in it
  • What you could have done differently
  • What you will do differently moving forward, knowing what you now know.

Review your goals and life vision (if you don’t have these written down, make them) and remind yourself what your desired outcomes are. Your goals and vision need to be strong enough to overcome and “bring you back” from any disappointments. If they’re not, you need more compelling goals and visions (create these with The Mental Workbook).

Erase the “bad movie” of disappointment with, in addition to your goals and vision, new actions that position you to create new, “good movies” for your mind.

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