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I don’t know if you know — you should by now — but I don’t play basketball anymore. 

My last pro game — actually my last official game of any type — was in 2015. 

It was a 3-on-3 event organized by Finish Line (the apparel store) and featuring several of your favorite sneakerhead YouTube influencers (at least of that time). 

My team won the championship game 11-0 to collect the $10,000 prize. 

I didn’t even bring my camera to the event, as I wanted to focus on playing and winning the tournament. All those YouTubers had their cameras. 

I never saw much footage of that event published by anyone. Now you know why. 

Anyway, I stopped playing ball cold turkey after that. 

No pickup, no one-on-one, no rec leagues. I still work out every day — but not basketball workouts.

I don’t go to the courts to do drills or any of that. If I started, I’d have to do it all the way, and for me, that’s a full time gig that I’ve moved on from. I’m a player who’s either gonna be at my best (working out every day and in true game shape) or not play at all. 

I won’t be the washed up player still trying to compete when I’m not doing the work to remain good. I can’t do it. 

So I stay away. 

Anyway, I took a trip to Vegas with three of my college teammates this summer. All three of them had stopped working out seriously long before I had. Unlike me, these guys would still play in leagues and such in their respective towns. 

We’d been jokingly group texting for months about playing basketball while on the trip. I made it clear that I wasn’t much interested in hooping, but that I would bring workout gear to use the hotel gym and to get a run in on the Vegas Strip. 

While sitting at the jacuzzi at the Mirage, idle talk between my college teammates and I turned to trash talk, which turned to a monetary wager, to me googling an outdoor park and someone offering to purchase a basketball from a nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

It was Game On. 

Long story short, we won the best-of-three series, 2-1. I would have won the “MVP” unanimously if there had been such an award for a bunch of thirty-something dudes playing 2-on-2 while on vacation in Vegas. 

I’m not telling you that to impress you. I want to impress upon you how and why I was able to play so well on asphalt in 90 degree desert heat when I haven’t played a full court game, done a single dribbling drill or gotten shots up in 4 years. 

It’s because I’m always in shape. 


Though I don’t play ball anymore, I’ve finished two Miami Marathons in the last 2 years. A half-marathon, a 10K. I log at least 20 miles per week running. Work with a boxing trainer. I work out at least 6 times a week on my own. 

I don’t look like a “former athlete.” And I don’t get tired — pulling on my shorts, needing ten minutes of rest between games, being short of breath — like one, either. 

I’m not selling you on doing what I do now. My routine would look different if I was still hooping. The results, however — specifically, not getting tired — would be the same. 

It was one of the most important things to me when I was playing: always be in better shape than every opponent. If you beat me, it won’t be due to fatigue. 

Being an out of shape athlete, especially if you’re actively IN the game, not a former player like me, is UNACCEPTABLE. 

You need to be in game shape year round. 

That doesn’t mean you don’t rest. It doesn’t mean running your body into the ground or making yourself susceptible to injury. 

It means having a professional process to train your body specifically for basketball game shape. 

There’s only one program that fits that description. It’s called Ultimate Athlete, and it’s what I used through the second half of my playing career, after I met my trainer Maria (who put the program together). 

What’s great about the 15-week Ultimate Athlete Program is that you don’t need a gym nor any equipment to use it. You can do the whole program in your living room. 

And it’s guaranteed to have you (and keep you) in the shape you’d better be in if you’re a serious hooper. 

Get Ultimate Athlete here: 


-Dre Baldwin 

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