How I Got My First Overseas Basketball Job Contract: A 9-Step Plan

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I knew where I was going with my life as my senior year of college wound down: basketball was my future. There was no alternative idea, though I was prepared to do the things necessary to survive until I got into my career.

1. I attended a pro exposure camp.

2. I got my video from said camp.

3. I put the scouting report from the camp, along with my video, together into a player resume/profile.

4. I reached out to agents with my profile to see if any were interested. One guy was.

5. I was working full time during this period.

6. I worked on my game with a schedule, like it was a second job.

7. I applied for a passport months ahead of time.

8. I kept in touch with my agent regularly.

9. I signed.


  1. am nineteen years old guard am currently enrolled in a chatered accounting inst. am a Ghanaian. i wanna know if pro basketball is viable for african players. well things are enormously different here. There are no active college nor high school champs here. Pro basketball has always been my ultimate goal but it seems almost impossible thanks to what we have here. YOU INSPIRE ME DRE REALLY

    • Happy to hear I inspire you! I’m not from your country so there is only so much I can tell you about the process. If suggest you explore your options for coming to the USA or Europe -- make it your job to find this information!
      Also, stop verbalizing how hard or “impossible” things are — that won’t help you make it happen. Start thinking about HOW you COULD make it happen and not all he reasons it can’t.

  2. My son was a juco All-American and averaged 20 points per game. Now, he’s playing D-1 basketball. However, he’s only averaging 8 points per game, but led the team in steals and was 4th in scoring. He could easily average more points per game, but the coach plays a half court style of basketball and calls set play’s just about every possession. Would this hurt his chance of getting a look from agents or over seas teams?

    • What do you think professional team systems are like? A player who can play can perform in any system. It’s still basketball, and it’s not as if he’s a bad player -- he’s just not scoring as much. Overseas basketball is not a big pickup game; in many places it’s more regimented than what you’ll see in NBA games. Someone on that team is scoring the points. So scoring in that system isn’t impossible. Blaming the coach is not an acceptable excuse. And D1 basketball is a higher level than JUCO; it makes sense that he scores less.

      Your son’s choices:
      1. Transfer and score more (maybe -- if he doesn’t then maybe that’s just who he is as a player and the year is wasted).
      2. Improve his performance where he is. If he goes overseas and be coach is the same way, calling lots of plays, what will your son do then -- quit?

      Someone’s “chances” are not determined by anything other than that person’s belief is what they can or can’t do. Stats, school level, coaches, playing style are all smaller than that player’s decision about what they can or can’t do. More importantly, I’d rather hear this from your son than his parents. He’s too old for you to be speaking for him, honestly.

      Hope that helps!

  3. This is now my 2nd agent going on 2 years with no job ready to throw the towel in what should I do

    • Lesha, that’s not for me to answer. Do you want to play or not? If so, find a way to get where you want to go. If not, find something else to do. You are not the first player to go two years without a deal and you won’t be the last. Some of those players moved on to mother things, some (me) kept going. You have to decide which you are. See the Guides & Tips page on this site for more info you may want on hoops. Good luck.

  4. What exactly is a pro exposure camp and where are some I can attend or the one you attended.

  5. How did you get the names and phone numbers of agents to find one who can help? I’m coming out of high school to play D2 and I’m only 5’10 and white lol. I averaged 28 PPG along with 5 APG and was nominated to the McDonald’s all American team. My dream is to play pro, but I don’t know where to start after college is over besides using these steps

    • Try playing four years of college ball first. If you’re still lost in 2018, come back. Crawl before you walk. Good luck in school

      • Thanks man, you gotta good point haha. Love your vids too, back in middle school I knew I wanted to work on my game but didn’t know just how until I got some drills from you. Good luck finding another pro contract! I’m sure you can do it

  6. Thanks for all the info about what to do to play overseas and about the exposure camps. I’m going to follow all the directions and do what it takes to play the game I love for a living. We have similar stories and I know if you can do it so I can. Thanks for the inspiration.

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