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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had a great season in 2015. 

Cam not only led his Panthers to a 15-1 regular season record and won MVP of the NFL, he made the “dab” famous AND took his club all the way to the Super Bowl. 

Old White people were making dabbing videos. 

Kids mimicked Cam’s “Superman” touchdown celebration. 

Cam was one of the hottest athletes in all of sports that year. 

Basketball players, often the envy of football players due to the NBA’s guaranteed contracts and the more freer expression afforded to hoops players, were looking up to a football player (Cam Newton) that year. 

Cam was on top of the world. He was The Coolest Guy In The Room.  

Then, he lost. 

The Panthers lost the Super Bowl game to the Denver Broncos, as the Broncos pressured and harassed Cam all game long, never allowing Cam to get comfortable. 

Cam did not have a good game in that Super Bowl. You could even say he had a bad game. 

Cam was understandably dejected after the loss, a point made obvious by his moping through a postgame press conference and walking out before the media was done asking questions.   

Suddenly, the guy who’d been the Coolest all year had the media all over him — and not in a good way. 

People chastised Cam’s attitude. 

Said he wasn’t a team player. 

Advised that he needed to grow up. 

Attacked his character for “quitting” on his teammates late in the game. 

These were all the same people who couldn’t stop gushing praise about Cam all season. 

And now they were attacking everything about his very being. 

What the hell happened??? 

Here’s what happened: Cam had gone from winning to losing. 

Here’s what happened: Cam had gone from winning to losing.  Click To Tweet

That’s the ONLY thing that had changed. 

And that’s more than enough. 

I’m not here to bash the fickle and two-faced nature of some people. 

Because it’s not changing. 

Because it’s not changing.  Click To Tweet

Four years later, in fact, Cam Newton has looked hobbled in the first few games of this NFL season. He’s not looking good individually, and his team is losing. 

Not a good combination. 

Cam is into fashion, though — his pre- and post-game outfits have drawn more attention than his on-field play thus far. 

And… guess what? People are criticizing Cam… for his clothing. 

They say he seems to be more interested in putting on a fashion show than winning. 

It’s true: through 3 games, Cam’s clothing has been better than his quarterbacking. 

If you’re a fan of Cam, here’s where you say something like, “if Cam was winning while wearing those SAME outfits,  nobody would be saying ANYTHING!!” 

Here’s the thing: You’re RIGHT!! 

This is how life works. This is how people are. 

When you’re winning, your inadequacies and inconsistencies and flaws are conveniently ignored.

There’s no business opportunity in criticizing a winner. Nobody wants to hear it. 

When that same person, with the same inadequacies and inconsistencies and flaws from before, starts LOSING, though? 

The wolves come out. 

The moral of the story: keep winning, so you never have to worry about any of this. 

The moral of the story: keep winning, so you never have to worry about any of this.  Click To Tweet

Confidence won’t guarantee that you win, but I guarantee that you won’t win without it. 

So I want you to take my ASAP Confidence course. 

With it, you will not only bolster your self-belief, you will stand your ground when challenged, speak like you mean it and call the shots on your teams. 

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