How Many Hours Of Training To Make Money Playing Basketball?

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Short answer: No set number; that’s not how it works.


Long answer: to get paid to play (im referring to pro ball, with coaches, daily practice, a schedule of games, a regular paycheck etc), you need only one thing: A professional basketball team who deems you worthy of a roster spot.

They don’t check your practice logs before signing you. So the number of hours is not the goal. The purpose of the hours is to develop skill, which you will display in the games you play, which will — hopefully — entice a team into signing you.

To perform better in games is the only reason to practice in any sport. You don’t practice just to say you did the hours; the time investment doesn’t matter without the outcome of game performance.

This said, you will put considerable time into developing your game. I answered a question a week ago re: How should a player practice that is a basic guideline for you.

To make the pros, your goal should be to reach a certain level of game-performance, which of course requires practice. Don’t count the practice hours; look at the desired results. Practice is just a means to an end, not the end itself.