How Much Would You Sell Yourself For?

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How Much Would You Sell Yourself For? | Dre BaldwinName your price. If I wanted to buy your arms, legs, eyes, mouth, heart, spine… Everything. I’ll write you a check. I’ll need you to give me a number, though.

Can’t think of one? Of course you can’t — there isn’t enough money out there to make it an even exchange, is there?

So why do you keep selling yourself short?

When you go to a restaurant, a hair salon, clothes shopping you order exactly what you want, how you want it. You don’t accept just whatever the people there choose to give you.

So where is that attitude — that standard — in every other area of your life? Do you demand it? Do you expect it? What are you settling for?

I think it’s about time you start having it your way.