How My Internet Life Flashed Before My Eyes Today

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So I have a lot of websites — you probably know that. Today I was reading on my phone when a bright idea came to me. I won’t tell you the idea, as none of it is real yet (i.e., it’s a thought I wrote down but have nothing tangible to show for it yet). But I do know that the best way to get started on an idea is to take some small action towards making the idea become something that exists. So I took a small action that almost cost me 5 years’ worth of time.

Long story short, I over-wrote accidentally; for about an hour this afternoon there was a blank WordPress introductory page representing this website.

During that hour, I first did the thing I should have done before taking my small action to build on my previously mentioned idea: called GoDaddy Customer Support and asked what could be done (my mistake: trying to do some back-end domain/hosting database stuff when that is not my area of expertise. I’m okay on back-end stuff, but I do better on the front end — things like what you see on your screen right now). The guy basically told me I was fucked, and I began to piece together, in my mind, how much writing I was gonna be willing to do over the next week month to get my website back to how it was before my error.

I started to activate old plugins and customize things that needed to be customized… this lasted about 5 minutes when I realized that this could not possibly be the best option. So I decided to call GoDaddy again, where I knew I’d get a different person helping me, and restate the issue as if this were my first time calling. Lo and behold, the guy listened to me explain the situation for 30 seconds, then, rather matter-of-factly, I might add, tell me that my mistake could be easily fixed because GoDaddy keeps snapshots of databases every day and keeps them saved going back 30 days.

And this site was back up 30 minutes later.

Morals of the story:

  1. When dealing with heavily customized websites, be 100% sure you know what you’re doing before you do it. If not, call for help.
  2. Always seek a second opinion from someone that doesn’t know there was a first opinion.
  3. With anything you do on a computer, back up your work (unless you work with companies that, foreseeing these happenings, do it for you).