How To Always Make Money

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How To Always Make Money | Dre BaldwinAlways have something people want. That’s all making money is. Think about it:

  • You have a job because someone wants your ability to perform the labor you’re performing.
  • You have a business because your customers want what your business provides.

Drilling deeper, just ask yourself, what do people always want? That’s easy.

  • To be in shape physically.
  • To make more money.
  • Feel superior to others in some way.
  • To have and do things that only a select group can have or do.
  • To do what they really want to do.
  • To access the positive energy that makes us feel good and that we do our best work with.
  • To have more time, or better arrange our time since we are limited to 24 hours each day.

… Among other things. You can add to this list. This list is the starting point for your next business venture, job, or investment. How do I know? I know because anything that will make you money falls into one of the above categories.

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