How To Avoid The Trap That Most People Can’t Resist…

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When’s the last time you changed someone’s mind via argument? 

I’m not talking about when you made a rational, reasoned appeal to someone to persuade them. 

I mean a back-and-forth, I’m-right-and-you’re-wrong verbal combat. 

Has this experience ever successfully changed someone’s mind to get them seeing things your way? 

Even if you’re verbally skilled enough to talk circles around people and “shut them up,” their temporary silence/agreement won’t last. 

The person that you out-talk is like a defeated boxer who’ll shake your hand in the ring, and then go to the post-fight press conference and announces they feel they won the fight and is soon demanding a rematch. 

In other words: argument doesn’t work — if, by “work,” you mean aiming for tangible progress. 

Argument can feel good when you get to let that energy out — really good when you win — but the net result is always negative: the damage done to the relationship, the time invested into achieving nothing. 

The arguers of life are more focused on confirming their rightness then on making actual progress. 

The arguers of life are more focused on confirming their rightness then on making actual progress. Click To Tweet

Arguers will sacrifice time, energy, and quality relationships just to “prove” that they’re right. 

But you’re smarter than that. So remember: life is a RESULTS-based business. 

Stop wasting your resources, resources that could be going towards results, on battles that never produce results. 

Leave the arguing to the fools. They have the resources to waste. 

You don’t. 

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