How To Balance Practicing & Playing in Anything

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“Practice” vs. “Games,” for sake of this post, can refer to:

  1. Individual practice for your sport vs The actual games
  2. Tome spent working on your speech vs Being on stage delivering
  3. Perfecting your sales pitch vs Making sales calls to customers
  4. Writing song lyrics vs Studio time
  5. Reading up on new laws and judgements vs Speaking in front of the judge & jury

With that said, here’s my formula: Practice 10 times for every 1 time you play in a game. the more you practice the more “tools” you’ll have in your toolbox. So no matter what breaks, you have something to fix it with.

Now, the hard part is picking the right tool at the right time and using it the right way. For that, you need games. But DRE — if there’s 10 practices for every one game, how can I ever get the experience???

Yeah, you guessed it: Practice more. This free PDF explains how it works.

If there was a shortcut, many people who are smarter than me would have found it and told you about it.