How To Be Taller For Basketball

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How To Be Taller For Basketball Dre baldwin DreAllDay.comI really get asked this question a lot: how someone can grow taller for the purposes of playing basketball?

There are kids who think there is a way to make this happen. Unfortunately there isn’t. Your height will be what it will be. But I will dispel a few myths:

  1. Anyone who tells you what to do to grow taller is full of shit. Go the other way. If there was a way, we would all be ten feet tall, dunking without jumping.
  2. Lifting weights properly will not stunt your growth. Properly = being supervised by someone who knows what they’re doing. If you’re asking the “stunt my growth” question, you are not the person who knows what they are doing. Enlist help. 
  3. Eating good, healthy food wouldn’t hurt. What’s good, healthy food you ask? Use your best judgement. You know what’s not good for you – don’t eat it. And Google is a great resource for those serious enough to find the information. I also have a playlist on YouTube.
  4. You can’t control your height. So focus on what you can control: your skill level, energy and focus. These require more effort than hoping to grow taller, and also eliminate any built-in excuses since you control them 100% (unlike height). If you’re serious about basketball, start with these.